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The album "Carbon"

With “Carbon” by Thomas Döller and Jürgen Schwalk, a fine duo album skilfully and experimentally answers the question “How does coal sound?”

“Carbon”, on the other hand, mainly presents Jürgen Schwalk’s compositions – shaped by the duo’s preference for elegant impressionism and the coal flutes, of which Thomas Döller has now created a small family of instruments – with mouthpieces for the titanium tube woofer as well as for the silver concert flute? After two and a half minutes of the opening composition “Volver” and a meditative guitar prelude, she starts to soar for the first time. Fleetwod greets Mac from afar. (Ralph Wilms)

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Jürgen Schwalk on CD

Jürgen Schwalk has now released 16 CDs either as a soloist, in a duo, in a trio or with a complete band. Here is the complete discography.