Jürgen Schwalk
Duo Alexandre Tansman

The Duo Alexandre Tansman

Thomas Döller and guitarist Jürgen Schwalk have been working together since studying together at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. Already in their first concert programs, they focused on music from the early 20th century. Especially their engagement with the Piano music by the Polish-French composer Alexandre Tansman became an important source for Jürgen Schwalk and Thomas Döller to expand their expression in the field of chamber music. It was Tansman who incorporated non-European musical traditions into his music from around 1925. In their adaptations for flute and guitar, the duo creates an impressive parallelism between the early “world music” of Alexandre Tansman and today’s ideas of an East-West encounter in music.

Mireille and Marianne Tansman, the daughters of Alexandre Tansman, have been following the rediscovery of some of their father’s works by the duo for years and wrote in December 2004: “Your arrangement of the “Tour du monde en miniature” has even more atmosphere than the original!”

The Duo Alexandre Tansman has been presenting arrangements of piano music from 1930-1942 since 1994, from the epoch in which Tansman processed his Polish and Hebrew musical traditions particularly impressively, or, as with the example of the “Musical World Tour”, the compositional examination of non-European music was looking for.

In addition to Tansman’s works, 5 CDs now include music by Bach, Ravel, Piazzolla, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Albéniz, Pujol, Gamboa, Towner, Duarte, Schlosberg and Schwalk.

The Duo Alexandre Tansman receives international recognition through invitations to various chamber music festivals (Spring Festival of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara / Turkey, Luglio Pistoiese Pistoia / Italy and Festival International di Guitarra in Morelia / Mexico.

Marianne Tansman (daughter of Alexandre Tansman): “Wonderful duo. Now Big career for both”. (2020)

You can find more information here: www.thomasdoeller.de