Jürgen Schwalk
Jürgen Schwalk - Paesaggio con figura

Paesaggio con figura

Paessagio con figura from 1996 is Jürgen Schwalk’s first CD with his own compositions. Fascinated and inspired by the pictures of the Italian artist and

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Jürgen Schwalk - Serenidad


These pieces were written during my one-year trip (2007/2008) to different countries. Spending a year composing, playing, practicing and improvising is a great wealth from

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Thomas Döller & Jürgen Schwalk - Carbon


With “Carbon” by Thomas Döller and Jürgen Schwalk, a fine duo album skilfully and experimentally answers the question “How does coal sound?” “Carbon”, on the

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Jürgen Schwalk - Peregrination


Jürgen Schwalk’s third solo project (2004) with own compositions. All pieces were written during a stay in New York. Peregrination is a musical pilgrimage with

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Trio Hut Up - Cuarta Avenida

Cuarta Avenida

Cultivated coolness of the Bossa Nova was the inspiration for Cuarta Avenida (2016). The title track “Cuarta Avenida” tells of a busy street in Santiago

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Jürgen Schwalk - Poema American

Poema – American

Pat Metheny, Ralf Towner, Baden Powell and Laurindo Almeida have always been great musical role models for Jürgen Schwalk. On the album “Poema”, he recorded

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Juergen Schwalk - Hommage á Tansman

Homage to Tansman

Jürgen Schwalk’s first CD released in 1994 is entirely devoted to the work of the Polish-French composer Alexandre Tansman, who wrote many pieces for the

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Jürgen Schwalk - La Déesse

La Déesse

La Déesse (2002) -The Goddess- is Jürgen Schwalk’s second solo album with original compositions. The title means the car that can be seen on the

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Thomas Doeller Jürgen Schwalk | Album - Dialogues


Bach wrote the Sonata in E major in Köthen between 1717 and 1723 and set new standards with his works for the flute. In Washington

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